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About us-Horses and Catfish

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About us-Horses and Catfish
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My family lives out on my land with me and the horses. Among them is my brother Lynn. He could take or leave the horses but he does have one type critter he goes for.CATFISH!!He loves to fish-I'll post his catfish pictures soon. For those of you that are interested in trotline fishing or know someone who is, he will be coming out with a "how to" booklet and a calendar for sale sometime soon. He usually catches 200+ pounds of fish when he goes. It's a good thing we all like catfish!! If you are ever out at Lake Limestone-Running Branch Marina and smell some fish cookin' , come check out lots 5 or 6 to see if it's Lynn. He'll certainly feed you all the fish you can eat.
For you fishermen or women-I am getting him to part with his catfish recipe . His fried catfish is awesome,just ask anyone in the crowds of people that show up at our campsite when he's cooking!  Copies of his recipe should be for sale soon and will include a bonus recipe as well as fishing tip or two from him. This would make a great Christmas gift for anyone!
More information coming soon!
As for the horses-
I've had a lot of people ask what kind of feed I give my minis. I use one of two feeds-Platform Miniature Horse and Pony feed (pink bag)  or Nutrena's Lite Balance (blue bag). Both are quality pelleted feeds in my opinion. Keeps me from having to mix up various ingredients.


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Rychlik Ranch Miniature Horses